I’m jumping in headfirst

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After participating in yesterday’s twitter #edchat, I reflected quite a bit on my expectations for my teachers in my district.  As many of you know, I’m an educational technology specialist in the Francis Howell School District

working primarily with elementary teachers.  The topic that spurred my reflection from edchat last night was: Should teachers have students write blogs, develop class websites/wikis, student PLN’s?  The chat mainly focused around blogging.  Here were some of my take-aways:

1. If your not comfortable with blogging yourself, you cannot expect other teachers and students to. This really opened my eyes. When I was in the classroom I had a class blog, but never one that I personally contributed to. I’ve started and stopped one many times but never finished the post or felt brave enough to hit the publish button. After last night’s chat, I decided that I needed to jump in head first and “just do it” as nike says. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, just like I hope my teachers and students will do.

2.  I am a perfectionist.  This can be a very hindering personality/behavioral trait that deters me from publishing on the web.  I am writing with a “stream of consciousness.”   I am somewhat aware of my spelling and grammar, but I am more concerned with just getting my words down on paper, so to speak.  I don’t want my students to be deterred from posting or commenting on others posts because they are anxious about their spelling and grammar.  It’s important, but they can always reflect on their blog posts at a later date and edit/revise.  Besides, think of the comments from critical friends on how to make their posts better!  (hint hint)  This leads me up to my last take-away- authentic feedback.

3. Blogging allows for teachers and students alike to receive authentic feedback from a world-wide audience.  Blogging is a platform that can potentially connect students with others around the globe, or just in their community.  Relationships are fostered.  Trust is built between students.  Students helping students revise to make their work better. Publishing suddenly becomes a team effort that all can be proud of.

Just my two cents worth.  Would love to hear what you think.  Thanks for reading!  By the way, I really am terrified to hit the publish button!  Right now!  As I speak. 🙂  Thanks to @gcouros for helping me properly cite my image and #edchat for encouraging me to model for my teachers.


14 Responses to I’m jumping in headfirst

  1. Justin Tarte says:

    good stuff! – I too, am new with blogging, but see it as a valuable tool in my pursuit of educational growth and development. I wish you future success and keep on growing!!

  2. Congratulations for making the leap! As a fellow perfectionist, I can tell you that blogging is good exercise for letting go a bit. The only advice I’d give you is to let the writing take you places– you don’t have to be consistent or follow any “rules” even those you impose on yourself.

    Have fun!

    • Wow! Sylvia Martinez commented on my blog! I am honored. 🙂 I love the last line of your comment about rules that we impose on ourselves. It helped me give myself permission to allow for mistakes. Even though I see many grammar errors when I reread. Hello! your/you’re. Thanks again.

      • LOL. Seriously. you’ve just gotten more comments on your blog than I ever have! So I’m honored to be here!

        And really, there’s no rule that you can’t fix typos. Fix away!

  3. Way to go, Andrea!

    I like how you mentioned your struggles with being a perfectionist. I think that does pose an obstacle to a lot of people when it comes to blogging. Sometimes, the shortest blog post will take me 3-5 hours to “perfect.” I’d probably write a lot more if I would just go with the flow. 🙂

    Glad to see you’re blogging again. I find it’s a great place to think out loud, look for feedback, or simply share what I’m doing. Even though I didn’t spend a lot of time blogging last year, I truly feel I’m a better reflective learner when I make the time to blog about my experiences. Can’t wait to read more of yours! 🙂

    • Hi Michelle! I too love reading your blogs and eagerly look forward to more posts from you. I will am planning (fingers crossed) to keep up with this blog! But, like our teachers always said, “It”s quality, not quantity.” Hope you had a great first day back with kiddos!

  4. Drew says:

    Great post, Andrea! I’m right with you — looking to do more this year, more intentionally. Best wishes as you start the journey!

    • @Drew Thank you! Good luck with your blogging this year as well.

      @DK You are so right. I can’t wait to add some video. I will definitely be using the iPadio app on my phone to do some audio posting to my blog when I figure out how to incorporate it with WordPress, which I’m still figuring out.

  5. DK says:

    Well done on pushing that button and entering the blogosphere – just be honest and open and your voice will come. Just to add, maybe it’s not about writing a blog but drawing / some video / podcasting etc?

  6. Jen Malphy says:

    Way to go! Blogging is something I most definitely want to do this year as a Media Specialist for reflective purposes. I have done a few things with students and blogs but nothing myself, so I am taking the plunge, too! Good luck!

  7. alford300 says:

    I feel your pain! i do blog, but only share it with my students! I think I would die is a person put it on Twitter! I have to get over that! Thanks for the great post!!

    • @alford300 It was hard for me to post the link on Twitter. It was scary!

      @Gimar I am already feeling what you mean about information overload. I find it very hard to balance my life with work and social media, but I try. It’s hot here too! 97 degrees F with a heat index of 105-100! Sticky and humid. Takes your breathe away!

  8. Be very welcome.I have been blogging for some time now but I really want to do it more often. The thing is if you are over-anxious like me, you’ll soon know what information overload is all about. I still want to be here, there and everywhere. It is a great experience, though.
    All the best from dry, warm, Franca-SP-Brazil

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